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Dog Ate Your Rug? We can repair it!

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We Care About Your Rugs As Though They Were Our Own

Premier Rug Repairs have over 22  years experience in the restoration of rugs.

Sometimes the damage to a rug can be heartbreaking,

You think there is no solution apart from taking it to the tip.

We work with you to obtain the best possible outcome to return your rug to its former glory.

There is nearly always a solution to every problem .

Our Guarantee

If you are not delighted with our service simply tell us within 48hrs of delivery. We will re- do the repairs to your complete satisfaction. We want you to be delighted with the outcome!

Rug Repair Services


Hand knotted and hand woven rugs have often been in families for generations. We do our utmost to restore them to their former glory.


A high quality machine made wool rug can last for decades if it is well maintained. So before you ditch it in despair,  let us quote on a repair!

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Call us or fill in the quote form. We offer friendly, helpful service to find the best solution for your rug.



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Your pristine rug is delivered to you on time, and ready for you to enjoy, with our hassle free guarantee. 

We discovered Premier Rug Repairs when our young dog decided to chew one of our favourite carpets. We thought that we had lost our carpet completely, and were devastated. I sent an email before 7.00 am to Premier Rug Repairs, and Leanne Rudd phoned me immediately, recognising that I was really upset. She was able not only to give me several options, but was able to have our carpet collected at my office in Maroochydore within days, and the carpet was cleaned and mended within a few weeks and delivered back to me. The result was great, and we were impressed not only with the quality of the repair but the recognition that the carpet was important to us. We will use the services of Premier Rug Repairs again, and have recommended them to friends.

Lesley and John Cowan, Flaxton, QLD

Premier Rug Repairs achieved a wonderful result with my three rugs, one of which had been written off by a water damage insurance assessor. Communication, costs & results with the repairs to the fringes all add up to my complete satisfaction.  I have no hesitation at all in recommending this company.

From John Mowbray – Kangaroo Point July 2017

I have many hand made rugs and hides that required cleaning & restoration after they had been eaten by moths. Some of this damage was quite extreme and I was concerned about their condition. I spoke to Leanne at Premier Rug Repairs & I was assured that my rugs were in capable hands. The company was very professional and efficient and the repairs and restoration work outstanding. You can barely tell where the repairs were completed. I would not hesitate to recommend the service to my friends and will be using their service in the future ”

Jane -Highgate Hill March 2018


What if my dog has chewed my rug?
Don’t despair! Before you take the rug to the rubbish pile call us! We can re-weave or re-size rugs to restore the rug.

What if the fringe has worn away?
This can be caused by general foot traffic or vacuum cleaners. We are able to secure the fringe or re-create a new fringe.

What if i no longer want the fringe there. Can I just cut off the fringe?
We’d advise a big ‘no’ for this one!  Fringes can be repaired and secured. Fringes form the foundation of the rug and must be secure. A repair to the fringe is necessary for the stability of the rug.

How much do you charge to pick up my rug?
Most of our service areas are free of charge. Some areas do impose a small surcharge.

Do I need to be there when you come to collect my rug?
No not at all, you can advise your operator where you have left the rug

How long do the repairs take?
This varies depending on the repair required and the severity. Usually between 1-3 weeks.

Does my rug need to be cleaned first?
Does my rug need to be cleaned first? Yes your rug will need to be cleaned prior to any repair work. We will be happy to arrange this for you at the same time. Click here to find out more about our professional rug cleaning services. 

Do you have a guarantee for your work?
If you are not delighted with our service simply tell us within 48hrs of delivery. We will re- do the repairs to your complete satisfaction. We want you to be delighted with the outcome!

What repairs do you do?
  •         Repairs to fringes
  •         Holes caused by moths or carpet beetles
  •         Repairs to rugs caused by dogs chewing the rug
  •         Repairs to remove unsightly stains
  •         Selvages coming undone caused by high traffic or vacuuming
  •         Overlocking of edges
  •         Re-sizing of rugs
  •         Joining rugs together

How do I get a quote, can I just send photos?
Click here to go to our quote page. You can attach photos on the form. If you do this from your phone, you can take a photo and send from there.

Repairs or Restoration?
Depending on the rug and the damage as to our recommendation to achieve the best possible outcome. Of course hand made rugs that are valuable to the owner for a variety of reasons, be it because they have been in the family for some time or they hold memories of an overseas trip , often will be completely restored. The other contributing factor is your budget. Therefore every rug is assessed individually and we will consult with you and provide our professional advice.

How much does restoration or repair of a hole cost?
Because each handmade rug and kilim is one-of-a-kind and because each problem will be unique, it is impossible to state how much it will cost to address all problem areas.  This will depend on the individual circumstances. However, we give free estimates to all of our clients at no obligation upon our inspection of their rugs and kilims.

Do you only repair and clean Persian rugs or Oriental rugs?
No. We repair and clean all rugs.

My rug was eaten by moths. Can it be fixed?

Yes! We can either re-weave the damaged are or re-size the rug. This will be determined by the amount of damage.

Have more questions?
Please call our friendly operator.

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