Handmade Rugs

Handmade rugs are individual works of art and there are no two rugs the same. Some can take up to 2 years to make.

General household wear and tear can cause damage to rugs. Vacuuming your rug is essential to keeping it looking good by removing the dry soil that damages the fibres, however, a vacuum can be a rugs biggest enemy. Never vacuum the fringes on a rug as over time this will cause damage to the knots. Other household hazards are pets & pests.

The warp and the weft yarns are the foundation of the rug. The knots are then woven on top of this to create a pile.

With a Kilim or Dhurrie it is the warp and the weft yarns that create the flat woven pile. The fringe at either end is one continuous piece of warp yarn, so when the fringes become weakened through age and wear and tear the foundation of the rug is becoming unstable.
The same can be said of the selveges, which are the sides, any break in the warp yarn on the selvege is problematic. Again, any hole in the body of the rug has the same impact on the stability of the rug.

Insects such as moths, carpet beetles & silverfish eat natural fibres as their made food source. It is the larva that causes the damage. They eat at the fibre in a direct straight line for so many centimetres and then return eating the next row until the pile is completely consumed and there is a bald patch. They do not eat straight through the warp & weft yarns creating a hole, the damage is often confused with wear & tear and the pile being worn down.

All of these problems are fixable, there is nearly always a solution. We can re-weave rugs, re-create fringes, repair selveges, secure damaged fringes and selveges.

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